White Elephant Party Fun

IMG_0049The room was decorated for the winter holidays and a festive spread of food and beverages lay waiting for people to enjoy.  Elaine came bearing a wonderful holiday bonnet with bells to add to the holiday spirit!  Soon about 20 Arlington Neighborhood Village members and volunteers gathered to partake in the White Elephant Party.  While members and volunteers nibbled and chatted, George rolled up his pant legs and broke out in song.  We were soon to find that Cornelia is a trained vocalist (with a few operas performed in her past).  Ahh…Cornelia leading the Opera Buffs is perfect!  The group sounded wonderful and gained confidence with each song!

CaptureBut the beckoning treasures could wait no more, the White Elephant Exchange began with a bang.  Everything, from Neiman Marcus salt and pepper shakers, a gurgle pot, candle wall sconces, and a beautiful scarf to car wax, filled the participants with joy and elation!  Delores was all smiles with her plant watering bulb.  Gary found himself owning some wonderful flowery scented body lotion. Pete unwrapped a beautiful pink scarf.  Susan couldn’t wait to dig into the bacon-flavored candy canes she opened.  Lucia tried to turn her neck pain reliever into something for her hips.  Bett will soon be enjoying marmalade in her new jar.  Margie snagged a beautiful handmade garland from India – I wonder who gave that gift?  Gloria picked a beautiful soap stone box from the table, but it was soon stolen by another.  All in good fun and good spirit.  After a few last minute exchanges, Donna still could not give away her gift – so you will see it again next year! Come next year and find out what treasure awaits you. We hope you can join us!IMG_0036