Here’s a message from V., a new members that ANV is helping through the pandemic:

Grocery Delivery“I am sitting here eating the first fresh vegetables in three months. Mr. S. just brought a bag of groceries from AFAC. Truly, you had no idea how low I was running. What a miracle.

My support network vanished in March — some left for family elsewhere, others overloaded with family.  My former students were out in the community or on Zoom meetings helping others. Though feelings don’t usually count when we’re talking services and supplies, I became tearful, anxious through this time.  What little I had left of a normal life was now abruptly interrupted with negative news and a darkening future in my thoughts.  A sense of abandonment hovered closely. I called ANV for help.

Later, ANV answered my email asking for assistance with my stimulus check and I was linked with a volunteer.  What a smart cookie!  She explained about banks being closed, and how I could deal with the check.  She went to the bank for me, and took care of my business.  More than that, though, she taught me several tricks about banking online.  I’d never done that before, but now I do.  She left me feeling more empowered in my solitude.

From an ANV Coffee and Conversation, I learned through Zoom about online exercise classes. This morning, I stood beside my chair and marched along with the instructor, followed her moves while I played classical music.  I’ll be watching and exercising every morning now.

The most difficult part of being old and disabled is the despondence of feeling so alone.  Hard, sharp feelings of being ignored, forgotten and written-off as irrelevant is more difficult to bear than the aches and pains.

I’m still indoors, still masked at the mailbox, and still here.  Though ANV is an organization, a group of people with a mission statement, it is the unspoken surety that they offer – a voice, an email, a call, a smiling volunteer; little things.  Hope glistens in small acts—glistens in the presence of another human willing to help in small ways that keep me still here.

My thanks to all at ANV.”

And another from K –

“ANV is a saving grace!  Because of multiple health issues, I’m unable to grocery shop for myself.  Being on a fixed income, I can’t afford grocery delivery.  Arlington Neighborhood Village has a system in place for those receiving services as well as those giving them.  All I need to do is contact the ANV office with the information they need, and they do the rest of the work.  That makes coordinating with the volunteers effortless.  ANV gives me a sense of peace during a troublesome time in my life.  I can’t thank them enough!”

Grocery Delivery

From H. –

“I am so grateful to have found Arlington Neighborhood Villages. I am a 60 year old single mom with a teen who has a serious medical condition. We are both high risk when it comes to getting Covid-19. So we really have to isolate and not go into the stores. I looked to my counties social services for help picking up groceries and needed medications, but they had nothing to offer. Arlington Neighborhood’s Village’s volunteers have been nothing short of awesome! They are quick to respond, and are so helpful! Also, I can’t say enough good things about Wendy at the ANV office who walked me through their process and had made everything so easy for me. I am impressed by the range of services they offer from helping people get to medical appointments, grocery shopping, computer assistance and more. I also like how they have vetted their volunteers which gives me a piece of mind. I highly recommend this group!”

From S. –

At the beginning of the pandemic, we had no safe and convenient place to turn for our grocery shopping.   At that time ANV volunteers were a vital lifeline.   We gave them incredibly detailed and complicated shopping lists and they were able to acquire almost everything we needed, delivered to our front step.   I cannot emphasize enough that at that time, we two octogenarians were completely dependent on the ANV volunteers, and their willingness to go do what we were afraid to do.

From another partner, L –

“The prompt arrival of the volunteer to pick her up, to helping fill out forms at the doctor’s office, to getting her home safely – and through your all-around kind and caring manner – you did an outstanding job for her and she is exceedingly pleased and grateful.”

And from a volunteer who helped a member move to Culpepper Garden –

“She is so very thankful for your help with packing and getting ready for the move, and for the help of another ANV volunteer who helped on the Culpepper Garden end. You made an important difference in her life, making the move much more manageable for her and setting her up for a more positive adjustment to Culpepper Garden.”