Spanish Conversation Group: Cafe Espanol

IMG_3298After a promising trial run on three Wednesdays in August, we’re set to resume in the autumn on September 27th.

Our new time and place:  Tuesdays, 11 AM to Noon, at the Super Pollo Cafe, 550-C North Quincy Street (between Wilson Blvd and Glebe Road—closer to Glebe than Wilson). The waitstaff is mostly Central American and quite congenial—we can practice our Spanish with them too. Lots of metered on-street parking usually available.

IMG_3284If we like it, we’ll continue on the following Tuesdays as a regular thing. Jaime Ugarte brought his guitar last Wednesday, and we sang! I also hope that our Cuba-bound travelers can return and share their cuentos de viajes with us. And it’ll be fun hearing more about how each of has used, is using, might use, or will use nuestro espanol.

Reminder: this is a truly multi-level group—that includes some Spanglish.

Hasta Luego!