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“ANV is a saving grace!  Because of multiple health issues, I’m unable to grocery shop for myself.  Being on a fixed income, I can’t afford grocery delivery.  Arlington Neighborhood Village has a system in place for those receiving services as well as those giving them.  All I need to do is contact the ANV office with the information they need, and they do the rest of the work.  That makes coordinating with the volunteers effortless.  ANV gives me a sense of peace during a troublesome time in my life.  I can’t thank them enough!” – K.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we had no safe and convenient place to turn for our grocery shopping. At that time ANV volunteers were a vital lifeline. We gave them incredibly detailed and complicated shopping lists and they were able to acquire almost everything we needed, delivered to our front step. I cannot emphasize enough that at that time, we two octogenarians were completely dependent on the ANV volunteers, and their willingness to go do what we were afraid to do.  – S.

“The prompt arrival of the volunteer to pick her up, to helping fill out forms at the doctor’s office, to getting her home safely – and through your all-around kind and caring manner – you did an outstanding job for her and she is exceedingly pleased and grateful.”  – L.