New home modification assessment benefit for members

HomeFit-no-step-entry-homeArlington Neighborhood Villages (ANV) is pleased to announce a new service for its members.  A certified Aging in Place specialist will conduct individual home assessments to identify safety and/or accessibility improvements to promote independence and comfort in your home as you age.  This service is available for all Full Service members and may be scheduled by calling the Villages office at 703-509-8057.

The home assessment has three-steps:

  • Step 1 – An Aging in Place specialist will meet with you in your home to talk about
    challenges that limit your ability to do daily tasks and concerns that you may have about safety within the home.  You’ll learn about potential improvements to support future needs and to improve your home’s “visitability” by friends and family.
  • Step 2 – A thorough room-by-room assessment of the home to identify where problems occur in your everyday life and other potential areas of concern.
  • Step 3 – Home modification recommendations that identify where home design,
    hardware, and/or fixtures create barriers and how you might reduce or eliminate these barriers.

The Aging in Place specialist will compile a list of recommended modifications. This list will be useful for getting work estimates if you wish to hire contractors to make the modifications to your home.