Lifeline Discount for Members

Virginia Hospital Center is offering a discount to Villages members for its Philips Lifeline Service. Lifeline is a personal emergency response system which comes in three versions:

  • The HomeSafe Standard service is a small Personal Help Button that can be worn around your neck or on your wrist. A push of the button will immediately place a call for assistance.
  • The HomeSafe AutoAlert service will automatically place a call if a fall is detected. Both of these services operate in your home.
  • The third service, GoSafe Mobile, works in your home and also out in the community.

The discount provided is an $8 reduction in the monthly fee for each of these services. This discount is available for current subscribers well as new subscribers. In addition, the installation charge is waived for new subscribers to the HomeSafe Standard and AutoAlert services. For more information, call the Virginia Hospital Center Lifeline office at 703-558-6859.