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Village to Village Network  A national peer-to-peer network to help establish and continuously improve management of senior villages throughout the U.S. Their website includes an interactive map showing most of the villages operating or in development.

Washington Area Villages Exchange (WAVE) A forum through which nonprofit villages in the Washington D.C metropolitan area share experience and ideas. They list 75 villages in the WAVE region; some are operating while others are in various stages of development. Of these, 17 are in Washington D.C., 41 in Maryland, 16 in Virginia and 1 in West Virginia. Their site include contact information for each of the villages and a map of their locations.

Arlington Office of Senior Adult Programs (OSAP)
For people 55 and older, Arlington County offers classes, enrichment and travel programs, cultural and social events, physical fitness opportunities and more. ANV provides membership to the 55+ Program for all of its members.

Past Stories In the News

Many Good Choices for Arlington Seniors
Article showcases how ANV has matured two years after launch–offering a wide range of services and social activities.  Arlington Connection, Senior Living, published April 2016.

Aging in America – Stuck in the Middle
CBS Sunday Morning included a segment on the future challenges of aging in America and discussed the role of villages in helping meet the needs. The show aired October 19, 2014.

More than a year in the planning, ANV launched on April 7
The Sun Gazette recently conducted a question-and-answer session with Carol Paquette, president of the organization.  Sun Gazette, published April 7, 2014.

Paying it forward, seniors help older seniors
Villages were featured on America Tonight on Al Jazeera America, part of a week-long special on Aging America. The report aired February 26, 2014.

Seniors turn to ‘villages’ to stay in own homes
Seniors are living longer and, in order to stay in own their homes, some of them are turning to  “villages.”  The grassroots movement is spreading to communities across the country, including in Washington, D.C.   CBS News, aired February 21, 2014.

Through a growing number of senior villages in the D.C. area, aging in place becomes easier
Services of senior villages help elderly stay in their homes. The Washington area is an epicenter of the movement, which has greatly expanded over just four years.  The Washington Post, published February 6, 2014.

Villages on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
Brian Williams interviews his in-laws, who are part of a movement rejecting the idea of moving late in life to a retirement community or an assisted living facility.  The report aired Jan 24, 2014.

Welcome To Age 50:  Top Caregiving Tips
The #1 tip is finding a village.  Forbes Magazine, published Jan 8, 2014.

PBS NEWSHOUR Report: There’s No Place Like Home: Seniors Hold on to Urban Independence Into Old Age
Ray Suarez reports on how the village concept may help seniors retain their independence into their golden years.  Mr. Suarez visits Boston’s Beacon Hill village, where the village movement began.  The report aired August 8, 2013.


AARP Factsheet: The Village—A Growing Option for Aging in Place
A brief overview of the village model and policy implications.

Age-in-Community Neighborhoods: Bringing New Life to Aging
Part of the Seniors Resource Guide® series designed to help older adults, seniors, their families, caregivers, and other senior professionals get information about senior services.

Village Sustainability and Engaging a Diverse Membership: Key Findings from a 2013 National Survey
Findings from a national study focusing on changes in Village size and funding, perceived challenges to sustainability, and successful strategies for responding to these challenges.  It also presents information on the racial, ethnic, and economic characteristics of Village members, challenges associated with recruiting underrepresented groups, and the types of underrepresented groups Villages are interested in recruiting.

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