Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A summary of the Arlington Neighborhood Village organization is available in the ANV Brochure, with additional information in the ANV factsheet.


Arlington Neighborhood Village provides many types of services including transportation, home checks, household tasks, errands, technical assistance, light yard care, and social visits. A detailed list of services and benefits is available on request.

About Membership

How much are the annual membership fees?

Full Individual Membership is $500. Full Household Membership is $500 for the first person plus $250 for each additional member from the same household. Associate Membership is $500 for either an individual or household.

What is the difference between Associate and Full membership?

Full members are eligible to receive any of the services ANV offers. Associate members can take part in all social activities and outings, educational programs, daily check-in calls, 55+ pass, and Washington Consumer CHECKBOOK – any service except those involving a volunteer coming to the member’s home or providing transportation.

My income is pretty limited. Can I get a reduced membership fee?

An important ANV goal is to make village services and programs available to every eligible Arlington resident, regardless of ability to pay. We offer discounted membership fees to both Individuals and Households, based on annual income. For Individuals with annual income up to $47,250, the discounted annual fee ranges from $25 to $100. For Households with annual combined income up to $50,400, the annual fee ranges from $37 to $150.

Is the membership fee considered a charitable contribution?

Associate memberships are entitled to receive only a portion of ANV services, so $375 of the $500 fee may be deductible. Full membership fee is not deductible.

Do you accept partial year memberships for persons who spend part of the year in Arlington and part of the year elsewhere?

People who are only partial-year residents of the county are welcome to join ANV; however, they will have to pay the full-year membership fee.

About Volunteers

What kind of screening is done of volunteers?

Volunteers must pass a criminal history background check. Anyone who will be driving members must have a driving history check. ANV also conducts face-to-face interviews with all volunteer applicants.

Do volunteers receive any training?

All volunteers must go through a general orientation before providing services. There may be additional training for some of the more specialized services.

Is volunteer performance monitored?

ANV contacts our members and volunteers frequently to ensure that the services provided went as expected and to inquire about problems or issues. The ANV Volunteer Coordinators review the evaluations to ensure that ANV is consistently providing quality services, and will take action as necessary.

Are volunteers covered by ANV liability insurance?

Yes. Volunteer drivers are also required to have their own auto liability coverage.

About the ANV Organization

Is ANV duplicating services already available in the county?

Residents of Arlington are fortunate that there is a wide variety of services and programs available, whether provided by the county government or the many non-profit organizations. ANV will connect its members to many of these services – part of the “one stop shop” approach where a member can call ANV if they are looking for a service or activity but don’t know where to turn. ANV works closely with several county agencies to avoid duplication where possible and to develop complementary services. For example, we coordinate with the Department of Parks and Recreation’s Office of Senior Adult Programs to promote member awareness and utilization of their 55+ activities and programs. ANV services complement this program by helping neighbors link up to attend events together and providing transportation if needed.

Is ANV connected with Arlington County government?

ANV is an independent non-profit corporation with a volunteer board of directors.

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