Membership Categories & Fees

Membership Categories & Fees

If you are 55 or older and live in Arlington County, you are eligible to join Arlington Neighborhood Village (ANV).

ANV has two membership categories:Two men walking in front of a house

Full  Membership* entitles you to all programs, social activities, and volunteer
services offered by ANV.  The annual fee is $500 for one person —  equivalent to less than $10 per week. The fee for each additional member in a household is $250.

*Financial assistance may be available for full individual and full household memberships for those below the annual income threshold. An individual receiving financial assistance will pay a reduced annual ANV membership fee of $100. The fee for additional household members in qualifying households is $50 per member. If you have questions about receiving financial assistance, please call us at 703-509-8057 or e-mail us at

People gathered around the butterfly talkAssociate Membership entitles you to participate in all ANV programs and social activities. It does not include transportation service or volunteer-provided services in your home.  Associate Membership is appropriate for those who do not currently have a need for volunteer-provided home services.  The annual fee is $500 for either an individual or household membership.  Since the full complement of volunteer services is not included, $375 of the annual fee may be treated as a charitable contribution for the general support of the organization and may be tax- deductible.

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