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Members Only – Useful Information

Inclement Weather Policy

ANV office, phone, and hours:

2666 Military Road
Arlington, Virginia 22207
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for federal holidays.
If you call outside of business hours, you can leave a message and your call will be returned by the next business day.

Volunteer service hours:

7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

To request a service:

Call the ANV office at 703-509-8057 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday – Friday or email

To register for a program or activity requiring advance registration:

Call the ANV office at 703-509-8057 or email – be sure to include the name of the event and the number in your party. Transportation to any ANV event is available for full-service members by calling the office.

How far in advance to request services:

Request services at least three business days in advance of when the service is needed, to provide time for scheduling a volunteer.

After you request a service:

A staff person will ask you for the details. If it is an ANV-provided service, a match will be made with a volunteer. You will then be called and given the name of the assigned volunteer. The volunteer will contact you to confirm the time and obtain any further information they may need for service delivery. If you request a service that ANV does not provide, the staff person will suggest other providers you can contact.

To cancel a scheduled service:

Please call the ANV office at 703-509-8057 as soon as possible to cancel the service.

Services offered:

Call (703-509-8057) or email ( the ANV office to find out if we provide the service you need. The staff can tell you if it is something our volunteers can do, and, if not, they will help you find another source to provide the service. It’s important for members to know that ANV fills service requests only to the extent that volunteers are available. We are always looking for ways to improve, so if you have ideas for new or different services, please contact us.

To add additional services when a volunteer is at your home:

If you think of something else that you need done while a volunteer is at your home, please do not ask the volunteer to do additional tasks. You should contact the ANV office. Volunteers are instructed not to take on extra tasks because the office needs to know exactly what services are being provided. If the ANV office is open at the time of your call and the volunteer is still at your house and willing, it may be possible to get the go-ahead to have the service completed. Otherwise, it may be necessary for the office to schedule a separate visit.

To request a particular volunteer that you like:

You should not call a volunteer directly to arrange a service. All requests must be made through the ANV office. Members may request a specific volunteer; however, it may not always be possible to honor such requests.

If you feel uncomfortable with a volunteer:

You can call the office and talk to a staff person if you have a concern about a volunteer and/or what the volunteer is doing. You can also ask the volunteer to leave.

Arlington Neighborhoods:

ANV serves members in all parts of Arlington County. Volunteers often need to know where a neighborhood is located for a particular member. You can use these links to view maps of Arlington Civic Associations with neighborhood names:
small JPG file (149KB) for a quick overview
large PDF file (4.84 MB) with street details

Posting the File of Life on your refrigerator:

Emergency personnel are trained to look for the File of Life on the refrigerator. Completing and posting it can provide important information to emergency responders you may not be able to provide if you are in the middle of a medical emergency. This information could help the responders make faster and more accurate treatment decisions.

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