Is Arlington Neighborhood Village Right for You?

If you love living in Arlington County and want to remain in your home, ANV membership will entitle you to take advantage of our county-wide services and programs provided by ANV volunteers.

Joining Arlington Neighborhood Village is right Members and volunteers pose in front of the food table at an ANV pot-luck dinnerfor you if you are:

  • Retired and seeking new friends and activities.
  • Getting older and in need of occasional help so you can stay in your own home.
  • Trying to identify and access county-provided services.
  • Interested in enjoying local educational programs and social events.
  • Reluctant to bother friends and family with routine requests for help.
  • Not yet in need of services, but wondering about how you might cope in the future.

2 volunteers fixing something in a kitchen

Even the most independent among us have times when:

  • We need help getting to medical appointments or shopping, due to illness, surgery or a sudden fall.
  • Family and friends who generally help with transportation and chores may not be available.
  • We need information on reliable vendors, such as plumbers, handymen, or home health companies.
  • We need help with new technology, from cell phones to DVRs to programmable thermostats!

Village membership is open to all Arlington County residents who are 55 or older. ANV offers many benefits to its members. Your ANV membership includes:

  • Free annual basic membership in Arlington County’s 55+ program
  • Free subscription to Washington Consumer CHECKBOOK
  • Discounted Emergency Response System through Virginia Hospital Center

Membership categories and fees vary depending upon the level of programs and services desired.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please submit the online Membership Interest Form. Or you may also mail in the printed interest form. If you have questions, email us at or call 703-509-8057.

And consider giving the gift of ANV membership to a special friend or loved one. Perhaps you can’t help out as much as you would like to now.  An ANV membership gives you peace of mind in knowing that neighbors are watching out for someone you care about.

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