Help ANV Reach More Seniors

Donate Now to Help ANV Reach More Seniors

You Can Help Strengthen the Social Safety Net for Seniors

As we approach year end, we need your support more than ever as we work to expand our services and social connection to more seniors.

ANV’s goal is to raise $20,000 in individual donations for 2022.

We learned from the pandemic that there are many more seniors in Arlington that need extra help to stay in their own homes as they age. We are helping seniors from all over the county, especially those with economic challenges. We need your help to provide the services and meaningful social connections that are critical to their well-being.

The pandemic is still ongoing, so we must redouble our efforts to keep older adults not just safe at home, but safe in the knowledge that someone cares.

Every dollar you give will directly enable ANV to expand our services and enable our amazing volunteers to help more seniors age in place safely.

Please donate today and join ANV in finding the opportunities for hope, connection, and strength in this challenging time. Your support can be directed to ANV’s general support or to our financial aid for seniors in economic need.

• A gift of $400—covers ANV yearly membership for one senior
• A gift of $200—covers a 6 month membership for one senior
• A gift of $100—covers ANV expenses to do background checks on 5 volunteers
• A gift of $20—covers a portion of our costs to connect with seniors and reduce isolation

We are a village of neighbors helping neighbors, what we do in our community matters.

Join the Monthly Giving Circle!

Be a part of ANV’s new monthly giving program! If you elect to become a recurring donor, you’ll be a part of the Monthly Giving Circle—receiving special recognition on ANV’s website and annual impact report as well as access to quarterly calls with ANV’s Executive Director.

Monthly donors increase ANV’s strength as an organization and provide a reliable source of income so we can plan strategically. We know those choosing to give monthly are particularly dedicated supporters, which is why we want to hear from the Monthly Giving Circle—your ideas and feedback—directly with Wendy on the quarterly group calls.

You can make your recurring donation for any amount and joining is simple. Just click the “Donate” button, enter the amount you’d like to give each month and click the box below that reads, “Make this a monthly donation.”

We look forward to working together with you in service to the village!