What services does Arlington Neighborhood Village provide?

ANV offers the following services:

  • Social gatherings, outings and educational activities in the neighborhood and beyond, such as potlucks, dinner out, movie nights, book clubs, lectures, game nights/afternoons and other local gatherings.
  • Daily check-in calls—a quick call each day to be sure you are OK, plus follow-up from ANV if there is a problem.
  • Recommendations to preferred vendors.
  • Help identifying and accessing County-provided services and other service providers.
  • Assistance creating caregiver and other support groups based on the needs and interests of members.
  • Transportation to medical appointments, the grocery store, or ANV-sponsored activities.
  • Home checks to make sure your house is okay while you are away.
  • Household tasks such as changing light bulbs, hanging pictures, changing smoke alarm batteries, moving heavy boxes.
  • Errands such as pick-up of prescriptions or dry cleaning.
  • Technology assistance to help with email issues, setting up a new TV, programming a thermostat, using a new cell phone, or chatting online with grandchildren.
  • Occasional yard care such as light pruning or help planting new flowers.
  • Medical companion to serve as another set of ears, making sure all medical information and instructions are noted during a visit to the doctor.
  • Support in power outages and weather emergencies, such as snow shoveling or finding someone who can store refrigerated medications.

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