I was given a copy of the File of Life. Why should I post this?

Emergency personnel are trained to look for the File of Life on the refrigerator. Completing and posting it can provide important information to emergency responders you may not be able to provide if you are in the middle of a medical emergency. This information could help the responders make faster and more accurate treatment decisions.

If a volunteer is at my house providing a service and I think of something else I need done, may I ask the volunteer to do it?

No. Please contact the ANV office. Volunteers are instructed not to take on extra tasks because the office needs to know exactly what services are being provided. If the ANV office is open at the time of your call and the volunteer is still at your house and willing, it may be possible to get the go-ahead to have the service completed. Otherwise, it may be necessary for the office to schedule a separate visit.

What happens when I request a service?

A staff person will ask you for the details. If it is an ANV-provided service, a match will be made with a volunteer. You will then be called and given the name of the assigned volunteer. The volunteer will contact you to confirm the time and obtain any further information they may need for service delivery. If you request a service that ANV does not provide, the staff person will suggest other providers you can contact.