What makes ANV different from other programs already available in the community?

ANV is unique because we are a non-profit, membership program dedicated to helping older people live active and independent lives. We connect our members to existing programs and services — one-stop-shopping — and our volunteers provide services not available through existing county programs. Members may also serve as volunteers and play a role in shaping the services that are provided.

Are services free to members?

Once the annual membership fee has been paid, all services that volunteers provide are free to members.  If a professional is needed — for example, a plumber, an electrician, or an accountant — ANV will provide a referral from a list of businesses and organizations that have been screened by ANV.  You would then pay the vendor directly for the service, perhaps at a special reduced rate.

Who provides the services?

Volunteers provide many of the services available to members.  If a professional is needed to perform a service, ANV will provide a referral from a list of recommended businesses and organizations.

What services does Arlington Neighborhood Village provide?

ANV offers the following services:

  • Social gatherings, outings and educational activities in the neighborhood and beyond, such as potlucks, dinner out, movie nights, book clubs, lectures, game nights/afternoons and other local gatherings.
  • Daily check-in calls—a quick call each day to be sure you are OK, plus follow-up from ANV if there is a problem.
  • Recommendations to preferred vendors.
  • Help identifying and accessing County-provided services and other service providers.
  • Assistance creating caregiver and other support groups based on the needs and interests of members.
  • Transportation to medical appointments, the grocery store, or ANV-sponsored activities.
  • Home checks to make sure your house is okay while you are away.
  • Household tasks such as changing light bulbs, hanging pictures, changing smoke alarm batteries, moving heavy boxes.
  • Errands such as pick-up of prescriptions or dry cleaning.
  • Technology assistance to help with email issues, setting up a new TV, programming a thermostat, using a new cell phone, or chatting online with grandchildren.
  • Occasional yard care such as light pruning or help planting new flowers.
  • Medical companion to serve as another set of ears, making sure all medical information and instructions are noted during a visit to the doctor.
  • Support in power outages and weather emergencies, such as snow shoveling or finding someone who can store refrigerated medications.

How does ANV decide what services to offer?

ANV offers most services county-wide, including help with identifying appropriate county programs, a recommended list of vendors, and social and educational activities.  Over time, the spectrum of services may change, based on membership needs and interests.