If I live in a condo that provides handyman or some concierge services, does it make sense to become a member?

Definitely.  Condominium handyman services are not always free, so volunteer services still can be valuable to condominium owners.  Also, there are a number of services that condos don’t typically provide.  For example, an Arlington Neighborhood Village volunteer can take you grocery shopping and bring your groceries inside for you.  Or help you set up your computer to videoconference with your grandchildren.  We can arrange for a driver to take you to medical appointments. And we offer many opportunities for you to join in activities such as bridge, exercise classes, restaurant get-togethers, talks on wellness and current events, etc.

Should I join if I don’t need services now?

Yes, please do!  Members join for various reasons. Many join for the social aspects — parties, programs, tours — and the opportunity to meet new people.  Others like the conveniences — having one number to call for all types of services, whether for the name of a recommended electrician, a ride to a medical appointment, or help installing a new computer printer.

Why are there membership fees if this is a volunteer organization?

ANV needs office space, a paid director to manage overall operations, and a database and phone system to handle member service requests throughout the county.  In addition, ANV will vet and insure all volunteers and provide an Arlington County 55+ Pass and a subscription to the Washington Consumers’ CHECKBOOK to all members.  Villages are most often established as non-profit organizations that depend on a strong member/volunteer organizational base, as well as broad community support.  Most villages find that a significant portion of operating expenses can be covered by community sponsors, donors, and grants, with the remainder coming from member dues.

How much will it cost to be a member?

Full Individual Membership entitles you to all programs, social activities, and volunteer services offered by ANV. The annual fee is $500, equivalent to less than $10 per week.

Full Household Membership entitles you and other eligible persons in your household to all programs, social activities, and volunteer services offered by ANV. The annual fee is $500 for the first person, plus $250 for each additional person.

Associate Membership ($500 for Individual or Household) entitles you to participate in all ANV programs and social activities. It does not include transportation service or volunteer-provided services in your home. Associate membership is a way of supporting ANV so that it is there for you in the future.  Since the full complement of volunteer services is not included, $375 of the annual fee is treated as a charitable contribution for the general support of the organization and may be tax-deductible.

Financial assistance may be available for full individual and full household memberships for those below the annual income threshold.  An individual receiving financial assistance will pay a reduced annual ANV membership fee of $100.  The fee for additional household members in qualifying households is $50 per member.  If you have questions about receiving financial assistance,  please call us at 703-509-8057 or e-mail us at

Why should I become a member?

If you love living in Arlington County and want to remain in your community, being an ANV member will entitle you to take advantage of all services offered by Arlington Neighborhood Village.  Even the healthiest and most independent among us have times when:

  • We need help getting to medical appointments or even shopping, due to illness, surgery or a sudden fall.
  • Family and friends who generally help with transportation and chores may not be available.
  • We need information on reliable vendors, such as plumbers, handymen, home health companies, etc.
  • We need help with new technology, from cell phones to DVRs to programmable thermostats!