ANV’s Bocce Ball Team scores another win!

Beach Bocce GroupCaptain Dave filed this report.

Way to go, Team!  With an 16-11 victory tonight (August 6) over “Team Michigan”, our team is now 2-2 and our total points differential is in positive territory.  Like ANV itself, we have MOMENTUM.  Once again, practice and finesse pay off.

Thanks go to our village photographers, Jim and Gary, for getting pictures of our fantastic beachy outfits.  Chris of the DCBocce league says he’ll post the results of the Beach Week contest as soon as the judges have reviewed their photos and conferred.

photo 7Next week (Wednesday, August 13) we go up against team “Super Pollo”, who also wear gold shirts.  How will we differentiate ourselves?  Pauline Flynn says we’re the “Vill-Agers”–maybe that’s the answer.  We’re on at 8 pm at the Randolph-Glebe courts, where we played tonight.

Come and cheer the team to another victory on Wednesday, August 13.  The Randolph-Glebe courts are located at the intersection of N Glebe Rd & N Randolph St., Arlington, VA 22203, across Glebe from the Harris-Teeter parking lot.